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Michael has been with Chambers since Pupillage, over 30 years ago. He is now Head of Chambers, having fulfilled the role of Deputy Head for a number of years. Michael has an in-depth experience of crime at all levels, including murder, serious fraud and sexual offences. He is often instructed for those Defendants who have mental health or severe learning difficulties.

Recent Cases

  • R v DG Murder by youth

  • CPS v JI 14 year old youth charged with rape of 6 year old girl.

  • R v GS Death by Dangerous Driving

  • R v MB S18 by Broadmoor Patient whilst in custody.

  • R v FH Rape

  • R v AS Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

  • R v LN Multi-handed case involving Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation, Sham Marriages, forced prostitution

  • R v AS Kidnapping

  • R v WS Firearms

  • R v JL Rape

  • R v LH Sexual Assault, Possession of Firearm

  • R v FM Attempted Murder

  • R v JH Major supply of “Designer Drugs”. First of 12 defendants on the indictment.

  • R v JM Major supply of Class A drugs in North of England

  • R v KG Sexual Assault by Penetration of 14 year old girl, by 28 year old defendant, resulting in pregnancy, and subsequent abortion.

  • Re: J Family case involving the alleged torture by Michael’s client, of his wife. Harrowing medical evidence had to be considered


Recent Press Coverage

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